Minuteman Hit Packs Series 7 Random Football Packs


32 Spots Available



Minuteman Hit Packs!

Each spot will receive 1 Minuteman Hit Pack.

Packs will Mixed and Numbered before Collectors are Randomed 
Collectors will be randomized before the break.
Your number in the Random determines your pack number.
Packs will be opened LIVE on April 18th With Minuteman in Studio!

Minuteman Hit Packs Are Back!

Minuteman Hit Packs Series 7 “Super Packs” The Minuteman Hit Packs are Back and its time to break out the “Super Packs” find cards and memorabilia from some of your favorite players, this series is really a throwback to Series 1 with a great mix of current stars and also stars from the past expect for one thing…

There are super packs loaded into each sport that consist of TEN HITS in a single pack! ALSO, look for the first time ever, Ebay Store Credits randomly inserted into packs!

Don’t forget on top of your traditional pack you also have a chance at hitting true autographed memorabilia with redemption cards randomly loaded into packs!

What’s in the pack?

2-6 Autographed/Memorabilia Cards (10 HITS in Super Packs)

2-4 Numbered/Insert/Variation/Rookie Cards (Super Packs Excluded)

1 Base Pack (Loaded with current and Rookie stars along with inserts, NO COMMONS!) (Super Packs Excluded)

Find Randomly inserted in packs:

True Autographed Memorabilia (Baseball 1 in 7.5 Packs, Football 1 in 8.75 Packs)

Triple Auto Packs with Three Autos in a single pack!

Randomly Inserted EBay Store Credits ($$$)

Super Packs Loaded with 10 Hits!

Memorabilia Checklist:

Mini Helmets



Autographed Photos

Batting Helmets