About Group Breaks

Not everyone is familiar with group breaks and how they work. There are many different ways to hold a group break. Here is a quick overview of common break formats along with an overview of what breaks are and how they work. 


What is a Group Break?

A group break is a way for you to participate in the opening of a product for a fraction of the cost. In each group break, you are assigned a “spot”, which represents a team, player, or hit. Which depends on the type of break. Breaks are performed live on the video stream, which is also recorded for viewing later. All of our breaks are this way to help ensure your confidence in our honesty and integrity. When an item is pulled that matches your spot, that is your item and will be shipped to you on the next regularly scheduled mail day. 

So, in the example of a team break, if you had the Denver Broncos, all Denver Broncos items pulled from the products in that break go to you. Items with more than one player/team represented are randomized between all teams shown on the item, awarding it to one winner if.


Break Format Types

Team or Division Breaks – Pick Your Team (PYT)

In a PYT, you purchase a specific team or division as your break spot. Some teams are considered more valuable than others and are priced accordingly. For example, in 2019, the Arizona Cardinals might cost several times as much as the LA Chargers. This break can be the most hands-off and easiest, but you also end up paying a lot more for the hot teams.


Team or Division Breaks – Random Team

A random team or division break is much like a PYT, except that you don’t get to select your team. You might wonder why anyone would want to do this. The answer is because everyone has the same opportunity at getting the hot team at the same price. The way this work is that a number of spots are allocated to match the number of teams in the product. All spots are sold for the same price and at the time of the break, the team names and spot holder names are randomized into two lists and matched up to assign teams to spot holders. In most cases, there will be a short window for those in the live chat to trade teams if they desire.


Team or Division Breaks – Draft

Sometimes teams or divisions are assigned in a draft. Spots are sold similar to a regular Random Team break, but instead of each spot being assigned a random team, it’s assigned a random draft position. Then, each spot holder, in order, selects from the available teams until all teams have been assigned.


Player Breaks

Player breaks are pretty much the same as team breaks, except that there are far more spots and they are assigned to players.


Hit Spot Breaks

Some of the more expensive (per item price) products have far fewer cards but more guarantee of hits. In a hit spot break, each spot is guaranteed a hit in the break. For example, if a product has 4 items in each box and 10 boxes per case, a case break might consist of 40 spots, each guaranteed a hit. As with other random breaks, hit numbers are assigned randomly to spots. If your spot had hit number 5, the 5th hit pulled would be yours.


Serial Number Breaks

Another way to deal with high-end products is a serial number break. In this break, serial number spots are assigned at random. If your spot was assigned to the number 7, you would get any card numbered 7/10 or 7/100 or 17/20 or 107/199, for example. There may be variations on this, but that’s the most common.



· Using dice roller, or a real pair of dice, determination how many times the list of spot purchasers’ names and TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION or ETC get randomized for each random for a break.

· Then a list out all the spot purchasers’ names will be placed in randomizer and randomize the number of times as determined by the dice roll described above. 

· Then list out all of the TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC are represented in the break into list randomizer and randomize the number of times as determined by the dice roll described above. 

· Results are then placed in Excel or Google Doc Sheet side by side and shown on screen.

· Code from the use of the verified randomizer from will be read off at the completion of each random. 


General Rules of Rippin Gypsy Breaks

· Spots in the breaks are based on TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC. listed in the break title on the auction or in-store. 

· If an item is opened and the TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC. listed in the title appears on the item that algins to your spot, you win that item. 

· If multiple TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC are represented on the item, then items will be randomized between TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION or ETC that are represented. 

· If an item has multiple TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC that can not be clearly identified, the item will be randomized to all spots in the break.

· Items from the break that need to be randomized will be done at the end of the break. 

· If a break continues for greater than 2 hours, Rippin Gypsy reserves the right to take a short break. The video stream will remain on and products will remain in view of the cameras. 

· Spots are to be paid in full prior to break starting or the TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC. could be forfeited.

· Rippin Gypsy reserves the rights to any items associated with unsold spots from a break.

· Hits are defined as any item that is autographed or contains a piece of memorabilia.

· Hits will be shipped in soft sleeves inside top loaders or original packaging, if able and applicable. 

· All base items will be shipped in a team bag or equivalent.

· All items from a break will be shipped, unless Rippin Gypsy is contacted by the item owner not to ship.

· All items from breaks will be shipped approximately on the next Wednesday following the break.

· Any points card pulled in a break will be randomized to ALL SPOTS purchased in that break.

· Persons do not have to be present during the break to receive items associated with their spots in a break.

· Trades for TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION or ETC in a break are allowed during set trade window.

· Both parties in a trade must confirm trade in chat by stating TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION or ETC in the trade and the word “confirmed” before or after. 

· If your TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC does not appear during the break you will not be notified, the order will be updated as completed and marked as shipped with no tracking provided. 

· If your TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC does not appear during the break that does not entitle the customer to a refund. 

· Rippin Gypsy does not guarantee you will receive an item for your particular TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC in a break.


Selection of Winner 

Items with TEAM or PLAYER Name Identified

Items that are clearly identified by TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC will be awarded to the spot holder of that TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, DIVISION, or ETC based on the format of the break.


Items with TEAM or PLAYER Name unidentified

This includes items that do not have a team identified on the item, such as autographed baseballs, footballs, gloves, pucks, etc. 

Winner will be determined by the following:

· Checklist will be consulted for team affiliation, if available. The checklist used will be one that is available to the public.

· Team associated with as inscription(s) on the item aligned to a single team. 

    – Example: Eric Gagne ball with a single inscription of World Series 2007 would go to the spot associated with the Boston Red Sox due to Boston Red Sox winning 2007 World Series. 

· If no identifying markings, no inscriptions, or with multiple inscriptions not aligned to the same team, the item goes to the team with the longest total tenure played for. If equal total tenure times are found, then those teams will be randomized.

    – Example: Eric Gagne ball with no inscriptions would go to the spot associated with the Los Angeles Dodgers since that was his longest total tenure team.


Defunct Teams

In the event that an item is pulled in which the team represented is now playing in another city and/or has changed names, it will be assigned to its current counterpart’s spot. 

For instance, all Montreal Expos will be assigned to the Washington Nationals.

If a team is no longer in existence and there is no current lineage team, the item will be randomized to all spots in the break. 

The list below will be used to determine defunct teams unless a challenge is issued with a creditable source provide. 


· Milwaukee Brewers (1901) ► St. Louis Browns (1902-1953) ► Baltimore Orioles

· Boston Somersets (1901-1902) ► Boston Americans (1903-1907) ► Boston Red Sox

· Chicago White Stockings (1901-1903) ► Chicago White Sox

· Cleveland Blues (1901-1904) ► Cleveland Naps (1905-1914) ► Cleveland Indians

· Houston Colt 45s (1962-1964) ► Houston Astros

· Los Angeles Angels (1961-1964) ► California Angels (1965-1996) ► Anaheim Angels (1997-2004) ► Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

· Washington Senators (1901-1904) ► Washington Nationals (1905-1954) ► Washington Senators (1955-1960) ► Minnesota Twins

· Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902) ► New York Highlanders (1903-1912) ► New York Yankees

· Philadelphia Athletics (1901-1954) ► Kansas City Athletics (1955-1967) ► Oakland Athletics

· Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1998-2007) ► Tampa Bay Rays

· Washington Senators (1961-1971) ► Texas Rangers

· Boston Red Stockings (1871-1875) ► Boston Red Caps (1876-1882) ► Boston Beaneaters (1883-1906) ► Boston Doves (1907-1910) ► Boston Rustlers (1911) Boston Braves (1912-1935, 1941-1952) ► Boston Bees (1936-1940) ► Milwaukee Braves (1953-1965) ► Atlanta Braves

· Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882-1889) ► Cincinnati Reds (1890-1953) ► Cincinnati Redlegs (1954-1959) ► Cincinnati Reds

· Brooklyn Atlantics (1884) ► Brooklyn Grays (1885-1887) ► Brooklyn Bridegrooms (1888-1890, 1896-1898) ► Brooklyn Grooms (1891-1895) ► Brooklyn Superbas (1899-1910, 1913) ► Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers (1911-1912) ► Brooklyn Robins (1914-1931) ► Brooklyn Dodgers (1932-1957) ► Los Angeles Dodgers

· Florida Marlins (1993-2011) ► Miami Marlins

· Seattle Pilots (1969) ► Milwaukee Brewers

· New York Giants (1876-1957) ► San Francisco Giants

· Montreal Expos (1969-2004) ► Washington Nationals



· Baltimore Colts (1953-1983) ► Indianapolis Colts

· Boston Redskins (1932-1937) ► Washington Redskins

· Chicago Cardinals (1898-1960) ►St. Louis Cardinals (1960-1987) ► Phoenix Cardinals (1988-1993) ► Arizona Cardinals 

· Cleveland Rams (1937-1945) ► Los Angeles Rams (1946-1994) ► St. Louis Rams (1995-2016) ► Los Angeles Rams

· Houston Oilers (1960-1996) ► Tennessee Oilers (1997-1998) ► Tennessee Titians

· Portsmouth Spartans (1930-1933) ► Detroit Lions

· San Diego Chargers (1960-2016) ► Los Angeles Chargers

· Dallas Texans (1960-1963) ► Kansas City Chiefs

· Oakland Raiders (1960-2019) ► Las Vegas Raiders



· Chicago Packers (1961-62) ► Chicago Zephyrs (1962/63) ► Baltimore Bullets (1963/64-1972-73) ► Capital Bullets (1973-74) ► Washington Bullets (1974/75-1996/97) ► Washington Wizards

· Buffalo Braves (1970/71-1977/78) ► San Diego Clippers (1978/79-1983-84) ► Los Angeles Clippers

· Rochester Royals (1945/46-1956/57) ► Cincinnati Royals (1957/58-1971/72) ► Kansas City -Omaha Kings (1975/76-1984/85) ► Sacramento Kings 

· Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons (1941/42-1947/48) ► Fort Wayne Pistons (1947/48-1956/57) ► Detroit Pistons

· Tri-Cities Blackhawks (1946/47-1950-51) ► Milwaukee Hawks (1951/52-1954/55) ► St. Louis Hawks (1955/56-1967/68) ► Atlanta Hawks

· Minneapolis Lakers (1947/48-1959/60) ► Los Angeles Lakers

· New Jersey Americans (1967/68) ► New York Nets (1968/69-1976/77) ► New Jersey Nets (1977/78-2011-12) ► Brooklyn Nets

· New Orleans Jazz (1974/75-1978/79) ► Utah Jazz

· Philadelphia Warriors (1946/47-1961/62) ► San Francisco Warriors (1962/63-1970/71) ► Golden State Warriors

· San Diego Rockets (1967/68-1970/71) ► Houston Rockets

· Seattle Supersonics (1967/68-2007/2008) ► Oklahoma City Thunder

· Syracuse Nationals (1946/47-1962/63) ► Philadelphia 76ers

· Vancouver Grizzlies (1995/96-2000/01) ► Memphis Grizzlies



· Atlanta Flames (1972/73-1979/80) ► Calgary Flames

· Atlanta Thrashers (1999/00) ► Winnipeg Jets 

· Kansas City Scouts (1974/75-1975/76) ► Colorado Rockies (1976/77-1981/82) ► New Jersey Devils

· New England Whalers (1972/73-1978/79) ► Hartford Whalers (1979/80-1996/97) ► Carolina Hurricanes 

· Minnesota North Stars (1967/68-1992/93) ► Dallas Stars

· Quebec Nordiques (1972/73-1994/95) ► Colorado Avalanche 

· Toronto Blueshirts (1912/13-1916/17) ► Toronto Arenas (1917/18-1918/19) ► Toronto St. Patricks (1919/20-1926/27) ► Toronto Maple Leafs 

· Winnipeg Jets (1972/73-1995/96) ► Phoenix Coyotes (1996/7-2013/14) ► Arizona Coyotes