Rules of the Break

General Rules of Rippin Gypsy Breaks

  • Spots are based on TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, or ETC. listed in the title on the auction or in store. 
  • If an item is broken and the TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, or ETC. listed in title appears on the item, you win that item. 
  • If multiple teams are listed, then items will be randomized.
  • Auctions are to be paid in full prior to break starting or TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, or ETC. could be forfeited.
  • If break continues for greater than 2 hours, RIppin Gypsy reserves the right to take a short break. Video stream will remain on and products will remain in view of the cameras. 
  • Items that need to be randomize will be done at end of break or set time and date if break runs more than 3 hours. 
  • Rippin Gypsy reserves the rights to any items associated with unsold spots from a break.
  • Hits are defined at any item that is autographed, serialize, contains piece of memorabilia, inserts, variants or other non-base items.
  • Hits will be shipped in soft sleeves inside toploaders. 
  • All base items will be shipped in a team bag or equivalent.
  • All sold items will be shipped.
  • All items from breaks will be shipped the following Wednesday.
  • If your TEAM, PLAYER, LETTER, or ETC. does not appear during the break, you will not be notified and if won on eBay auction, auction will be marked as shipped with no tracking provided. 


  • No refunds on items purchased for a break.
  • No Refunds for combined shipping if you do not wait on an invoice
  • Shipping refunds are offered if purchased spot does not appear in break.

Non-specific Items

  • This includes items that do not have a team identified on the item, such has autographed baseballs, footballs, gloves, pucks, etc. 
  • Winner will be determined by the following:

  1. Checklist will be consulted for team affiliation. If available. Checklist used will one at is available to the public.
  2. If anywhere on the item or description card or tag, the term Hall of Fame or HOF is used about the player, the team associated with Hall of Fame induction of the player per the Hall of Fame's website.  
  3. Team associated with inscription on the item.
  4. If no inscription on item, then team listed on description tag or card. If multiple teams listed, item will be randomized between those teams listed.
  5. Team associated with first year listed on description tag or card. If multiple teams associated with year, item will be randomized between those teams listed.