Rippin Gypsy is a family owned and operated Sports Memorabilia Breaker and Retailer that strives to provide the best possible customer service and to deliver top quality memorabilia to their customers, while sharing their passion of collecting in hopes their customers collections grow not only in quantity and quality but in interest and prestige. 
Headed by Gypsy (Mindy), who is the primary breaker at Rippin Gypsy. 
She also handles sorting, shipping, marketing, customer service issues, and most of the day to day operations. 
All this while raising four kiddos.
Gypsy is aided by Smash (Mike). 
He handles the technical side of the business, thus if it is a Tech Support issue or fault, he is the guy. 
Also he fills in as a guest breaker when needed. Additionally he aids in larger tasks such as sorting, shipping, website updates, emails and whatever else Gypsy deems.


Box or card breaks is an outstanding way to go after the sports cards or memorabilia that you want in your collection.
How it works… first get your “spots” in the break. That could be a team, player, or letter. The “breaker” will then open the new product. The breaker also has no idea what exactly is in the boxes or cases either. If items match your spot, then they are yours. Make sure you read the descriptions of the break that your breaker lays out. Not all breakers ship all cards, which I do. Some only ship “hits”. Hits are autographed cards, inserts, numbered cards, short prints, and etc. 
A lot of breakers do LIVE breaks on YouTube, Facebook, Breaker.TV, etc. Make sure you watch their videos and understand how they break. Some only show hits, some show all, some open one pack at a time, some open all the packs, and so on. Make sure you understand their process and you can see the products at all times. As for my LIVE breaks, I have 3 cameras set up. Card Cam, Bird’s Eye, and Web/Face Cam. This way you can see everything that is going on during my breaks. 
After the break, items are shipped to you to add to your collection. Please understand breakers try to get products shipped as fast as possible, but sorting cards or items accurately does take some time. I have found 2 to 3 days for shipment to go out is about average. 
If you ever have any questions, always ask. All breakers I have met or interacted with, including myself, have no issues answering your questions or addressing your concerns. After all you are our customers and deserve the respect that comes with that.


Not only do you get comedic entertainment provided by the Crew here at Rippin Gypsy, but also breaking helps you get the items, teams, or players you are looking for without dealing with all the extra stuff you are really not interested in at a fraction of the cost.



Break Club is a group of collectors that are focused on expanding their collection and the hobby while not breaking the bank.

Whether you collect sports cards, pop culture items,  comics, or memorabilia, Break Club is a safe place for any collector, new or old, to share and grow!